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Arti ageku ni (あげくに)dan Contoh Penggunaanya dalam Kalimat

あげく(に)   adv. / conj.


Struktur Pola Kalimat あげく(に)ageku ni

(1) Vinf.past あげく(に)
話したあげく(に) (after someone talked)
(2) Vinf.past あげくの N
考えたあげくの決断 (a decision made after deliberation)

Arti ageku ni (あげくに

Meaning: in the end; finally; eventually; after
An adverb / conjunction indicating that one spends an extended period of time before reaching a result.

あげく(に)indicates that one spends an extended period of time before reaching some result. The verb preceding あげく(に)has to be a Vinf.past. Notice that the entire verb phrase Vinf.past あげく(に)usually represents something troubling, as shown in the examples.
Since the あげく(に)constructions indicates two past events in sequence, it cannot be used for events in the future.
あげく(に)can be rephrased using あげくの果てに(は)when the eventual outcome is a rather extreme one.

Contoh Penggunaan ageku ni (あげくに)dalam Kalimat

After thinking for a long time, I decided to go on to graduate school.
Her divorce was a decision she made after agonizing for several years.
I quit the company where I first worked after thinking very hard (about what to do).
He dated women from various countries in Asia, Europe and North America, but in the end he spent his entire life single.
Saying “I like this one” or “I like that one,” my wife tried on all sorts of shoes, but after all that, she left the store without buying any of them.
After using my car for a whole month, Yamada didn’t say even a word of thanks when he returned it.
After weighing my options for a long time, I finally decided to take a one-year leave from my company to study abroad in the U.S.
After falling in love with a married man, her own life was in ruins.
I couldn’t decide which television I should buy, so (in the end) I went home without buying any.
It must have been after really agonizing that he committed suicide.
There are some Internet services that require at the time of registration your address, name, telephone number, date of birth, and at the end, all sorts of personal information such as educational background, annual income and family size, etc.
My father had been repairing his own cars for many years, and in the end he made a whole new car himself.
Cathy was deeply interested in how the maiko live in Kyoto, and eventually she observed their lives while living under the same roof with them for a year in Gion.

Grammar Sejenis : Expresi yang serupa dengan あげくに

Related Expressions:
There are three related expressions:
上で, which expresses a preparatory action for a relatively important action
末に, which indicates the end of a period, and
結果, the neutral expression “as a result of something”